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Synchronized Data

In an ever changing world, most companies are using software from different vendors, often companies are having to re-key or export data to give meaning or to process the information they hold.

Axstor can integrate disparate system using vendor supplied API's to provide reports in a single click, reducing time & costs, avoiding errors and what is becomming increasingly a heavy burden is keeping track of personal data for GDPR

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Software Development

Axstor can develop bespoke applications for any purpose, data integration and as Microsoft Partner we are well positioned develope & enhance Microsoft Dynamics

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Goes far beyond the data protection act, with fines now up to £17m.

If your data is not encrypted and your systems are breached, you are liable! as you will not be able to demonstrate that you took all necessary precautions.

This includes staff or visitors copying data from your internal sytems.

Find out how we can help.

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Welcome - Axstor

About Us

Axstor was founded by Alan Shepherd who has brought an experienced team together to provide IT consultancy, installation & support. With more than 30yrs IT experience we are well positioned to give you the right impartial advice. We don't sell servers or computers, we leave you to get the best deal on commodity items.


  • We needed a solution for a our mobile workforce, Axstor understood our needs and were able to provide us with sensible affordable suggestions to take us forward

    -- SpaClean
  • Axstor helped us to spec the right size servers, we would have spent far more money than was necessary, we were wary about taking the virtualization path but they convinced us it was the right choice for us, we haven't looked back.

    -- ADC
  • We had a problem with PCI compliance, as a small organization we did not have the resources in house, Axstor guided us through the process step by step and saved us a lot of money and time.

    -- Signatures


Our team is here to help.

From immediate lights out support to general advice and training.




Buy your hardware from your preferred internet reseller and let us configure and install for you.

We can provide installation services for all Microsoft platforms including, Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint and Dynamics.

We can provide you with unparalleled technical support for your infrastructure.